Review: Toshiba MQ01ABD100 1TB 2.5 inch

With the MQ01ABD100 Toshiba presents its latest 2.5 inch drive. The 1.0 Terabyte drive is based on two 500 Gigabyte platters and four read/write heads. This drive should be suitable not only for notebooks but also for storage servers that make use of low power hard drives.





Model Toshiba MQ01ABD100 1’000 GB SATA II 2.5
Capacity 1.0 TByte, 8 MByte Cache
Accesstime (seek) 12 ms
Life expectance 600’000 hours (MTBF)
Powerconsumption Seek 1.85 Watt
Access: 1.50 Watt
Idle: 0.55 Watt
Acoustics Seek: 19 dB
Idle: 17 dB
Warranty 3 years