Raijintek Triton Review

With the Triton, Raijintek has a first all-in-one watercooler in its portfolio. In this case you can get an AiO with 240 millimeter aluminium radiator and two PWM fans for 84 Euro. This makes us hope for lots and lots of cooling performance. Apart from that the manufacturer decided to ship this expandable unit with coolant in three different colors. This is definitely nice to have and shows that Raijintek is taking that extra step.



After a bunch of standard air coolers, German company Raijintek decided to make their own AIO water cooling system. Today we have the pleasure to check out the Raijintek Triton compact liquid cooling system, which should be perfectly suitable for powerful gaming PCs or rigs that need good cooling potential with decent temperatures. The special 240mm radiator on the Triton is slightly thinner than a normal 240mm radiator, which should help in improving performance. The Raijintek Triton is an expandable water cooling system which allows the user to change, repair or clean every part of the cooler. Raijintek also included tree different coolant colors, green, blue and red, in the bundle allowing users to match it with the case or other components. The build quality is on a really high level and it features a cooper water block with micro-channels. The bundle includes two 120mm PWM fans, the cooler itself and the mounting system that supports most, if not all, recent Intel and AMD socket CPUs.

The Triton is actually Raijintek’s first liquid cooler and it is about time we see what this AIO liquid cooler can do when compared to the rest of the competitors.

As it can also be seen on the pictures, the manufacturing quality of the Triton is quite impressive. Raijintek decided to go for high quality materials, which is not far from what they did with their air coolers. The Triton features a 275 x 32 mm radiator made from aluminium and a water block with an integrated pump and reservoir mounted on top of them. Furthermore, that same pump comes with ceramic bearings which should make it inaudible. To be precise, the dimensions of the Triton are 275mm x 120mm x 32mm (WxHxD). Raijintek has also decided to use the new, and quite good looking, transparent design for the pump/reservoir part which makes it a unique AIO liquid cooler on the market. The supplied fans also come with a new design that works quite well with the rest of the Triton AIO liquid cooler. Raijintek decided to pair the Triton with two 120x25mm PWM fans, which go well with other high-quality AIO liquid cooler components.




Type AIO Liquid Cooler
Dimensions 275 x 120 x 32mm (LxBxW)
Weight 1500g
Provided Fan(s) 2 x 120x25mm PWM
Supported Fan(s) 4 x 120mm
Base Material Copper
Radiator Material Aluminium
Tube Silicone tube
Socket Support Intel LGA 775, 1150, 1155, 1156, LGA 1366, 2011
AMD AM2(+), AM3(+), FM1, FM2, FM2+
Thermal compound Small bag
Product Page Triton



The packaging is quite standard for an all-in-one water cooling system as you get the AIO unit, which includes the block, reservoir and pump, two fans, manual and the mounting kit. Raijintek Triton is compatible with AMD and Intel-based systems, with a single backplate. In addition, we found a Y-split fan cable, a small 1g package of thermal compound, and three bottles of different color (red, blue and green) coolant.

Raijintek has a two year warranty backing the Triton AIO liquid cooler.