OCZ Fatal1ty 750W Review


With their Fatal1ty 750W, OCZ have a rather aggressively priced power supply in their portfolio. For as little as 75 Euro you can get a unit, that features modular cable management, an illuimnated fan and up to 750 Watts of continuous power delivery next to an 80Plus Bronze certificate. This sound like quite a lot of hardware for this kind of money, doesn’t it?



normal_ocz-fty750w_01-7532049  normal_ocz-fty750w_03-6194635

The OCZ Fatal1ty 750W is packed in a rather simple box, which is pretty much what you get with most, if not all, PSUs in this price range. It shows all the usual specifications and features while providing enough protection to the PSU wrapped inside the plastic and additionally protected by a second cardboard box.


The OCZ Fatal1ty 750W comes bundled with a manual, standard power cord as well as four screws to secure it to the case.

The OCZ Fatal1ty 750W uses a black painted case with standard 150 x 180 x 85 millimeter dimensions and bottom mounted fan placed behind the fan grill with red lighting. The fan behind the grill measures 135mm and features a double ball-bearing and thermal control, offering good compromise between proper cooling and quiet performance.