Nvidia Geforce GTX 20-series already rumored

While we are still waiting for the latest members of the Geforce GTX 10-series graphics cards, we now get the first rumors regarding possible next-generation of Geforce graphics cards, currently known as the Geforce GTX 20-series, which will be still based on Pascal architecture.

While it is still not clear if Nvidia will name the new series Geforce GTX 20-series or the Geforce 11-series, with latter making more sense as it will still be based on Pascal architecture, 3DCenter.org compiled a neat list of predictions regarding the new lineup.

The flagship consumer graphics card will be the new Titan Black, based on GP102 GPU and packing 3840 CUDA cores, pack GDDR5X memory and offer a performance boost of around 15 percent, while maintaining the same price as the Geforce 10-series Titan X Pascal.

The new flagship Geforce graphics card will be the GTX 2080 Ti, based on the GP102 GPU and offering similar specifications and performance ass the Titan X Pascal, packing 3384 CUDA cores and GDDR5X memory but at a more reasonable price.

The Geforce GTX 2080 will use the refreshed GP104 GPU and offer the same 2560 CUDA cores and GDDR5X memory but at much higher clocks and lower price, which will give it about 15 percent performance increase over the GTX 1080.

The Geforce GTX 2070 will get a slightly less cut-down GP104 GPU with 2048 CUDA cores and will get a fancy new GDDR5X memory, possibly hitting the gaming sweet-spot with performance increase of 20 percent and decent price reduction.

The Geforce GTX 2060 Ti and GTX 2060, will be similar to the current lineup, both based on GP106 GPU. These will offer slightly higher clocks, lower price and in the case of GTX 2060, slightly more CUDA cores and more memory.

The GTX 1050 Ti will get a new counterpart, the GTX 2050, which will still be based on the same GP107 GPU but with higher clocks, offering performance increase of around 20 percent.

According to these specifications, it appears that Nvidia will stick with GDDR5X memory for its new GTX 20-series which could give AMD a certain edge with its Vega GPU architecture but also put it in a lot of problems if there are any supply issues.

In any case, Nvidia’s next-gen Geforce GTX 20-series lineup will not bring any surprises, but higher performance and lower prices are certainly a welcomed sight.