Nilox SRM-850 Review

Today, we have a chance to look at a power supply from Nilox. To be a bit more precise we’re having a closer look at their SRM-850 offering. This PSU features a single-rail design that boasts 70A on the +12 rail. Apart from that this unit also features a very reasonable price point and we’re curious to see what it can do.




The Nilox SRM-850 comes in a standard box with all features and specifications clearly detailed on other packaging. Inside the box you find an adequate bundle, especially if you consider the price of this block.

The bundle inside is pretty standard as you get the power cable, manual, warranty information, a couple of cable ties and four black screws to mount it in your case.

The Nilox SRM-850 is a standard 160mm long ATX power supply unit and it features a 140mm fan.