Lian Li PC-Q10WX Review

The PC-Q10WX from Lian Li appears to be a rather interesting mini-ITX case. Despite of its small size it offers plenty of space and flexibility on the inside, which means you can install high-end graphics cards as well as an ATX power supplies. In addition the build quality is excellent and the case has almost entirely made from aluminum and apart from that there is a large plexi glass side panel. Therefore this small cube could be perfectly suitable for HTPC builds as well as very small LAN party rigs.


Cooling Features Layout Build Quality Value for Money
Pros + Compatible with 120 and 240mm radiators
+ Up to 140mm for CPU cooler
+ Compatible with ATX PSU
+ ODD Slim
+ Aluminum chassis
+ Interior space + Build quality on a high level
Cons – Despite the good amount of features we believe that price is high