Lian Li PC-J60 Review


The PC-J60 from Lian Li is the latest mid-tower for ATX motherboards from the taiwanese company. Made of brushed aluminum, this case offers space for watercooling solutions with radiators measuring up to 240 and 360mm as well as one high-end graphics cards. It is an elegant solution based on high-end materials as well as a classic design. If you are looking for a really clean and classy ATX case, you need to check this review.


Cooling Features Layout Build Quality Value for Money
Pros + Good compatibility for watercooling + Water cooling
+ Dust filters
+ PSU Cover
+ Interior space + Good space for cable routing + High quality materials + Rubber groomets
Cons – Not compabitle with 140mm fans – Cheap plexiglass panel – Despite the good amount of features we believe that price is a bit too high