Gigabyte X99-UD4 Review

With the X99-UD4, Gigabyte already has an X99 motherboard ready for launch day and this particular model comes with a reasonable feature mix and very attractive price. It doesn’t take long until you see that Gigabyte did not overexaggerate equipping this board with additional chips, which is something that’s reflected in the price. Maybe Gigabyte is capable of scoring big with this motherboard, since it looks like the X99-UD4 has the potiential to set the benchmark for entry-level X99 motherboards.


With the launch of X99 also Gigabyte is amongst the few motherboard makers, which have a complete line-up ready at launch day. The X99-UD4 is their entry level offer and considering it’s a X99 HEDT motherboard the price is actually in the “affordable range”.