Enermax Steelwing Review

With the Steelwing, Enermax has a new case in its portfolio that features an eye-catching design and it’s made out aluminum and tempered glass. Although this case is very compact, the Steelwing is compatible with micro-ATX and mini-ITX motherboards. In addition there is enough space for high-end graphics cards and with some compromise you could even install a custom water cooling loop

With the Steelwing Enermax is trying to push into a new and different direction and already having had a first glance at this case we believe that moving away from the standard basic black case with plastic details and sheet metal body is always a good idea in the case of this vendor. The Steelwing itself is a very compact case while being compatible with mini-ITX and micro-ATX motherboards. Measuring 387 mm (W) x 300 mm (H) x 176 mm (D) this case is easy to carry around. Unlike all the cases Enermax had introduced in the past years, the Steelwing offers a completely different and eye-catching design. This case is entirely made from aluminum and all the non-anodized parts are sandblasted which minimizes the visibility of finger prints and makes for a beautiful and smooth surface. The side panels are interesting as well. While the left side panel is nothing more than a huge tempered glass panel, the right one is made from aluminum and available in two different colors. In this case you can choose between a green side panel or in red/raspberry colored one. Furthermore the build quality is simply excellent.

From the cooling point of view, the Enermax Steelwing does not offer a lot of options. There is only one slot and it’s placed in the front part of the case. Included in the bundle you will find a pre-installed Enermax 120mm LED fan. Depending on the length of the graphics card that you’re going to use the installation of a 120mm radiator in the front of the case would be possible. Apart from that the Enermax Steelwing is compatible with low profile CPU coolers measuring up to 80mm in height.