Drobo 5N Review

The 5N is a well priced 5 bay NAS from the US American manufacturer Drobo. On the inside there is a quad core SoC making sure there is enough processing power and apart from that there is a 1 Gigabit Ethernet interface for quick transfers. Drobo is keen on making their NAS as easy to use as possible. One key feature is the possibility to add disk drives of different sizes to an array.



As we already mentioned the 5N from Drobo is a NAS that has been optimized towards eas of use. Therefore you get a sleek looking product offering basic features from the hardware perspective. Apart from that there is Drobo’s so called BeyondRAID feature as well as an mSATA connector and we’re certainly going to have a closer look those goodies. Apparently we wil also have a look at performance, which used to be the achilles heel of Drobo’s consumer offerings in the past.