Cougar QBX Kaze Review

The QBX Kaze from Cougar appears to be a rather interesting mini-ITX case. Despite the small size it offers plenty of space and flexibility on the inside and therefore you can install high-end graphics card as well as a 240mm radiator. This small cube could be perfectly suitable for HTPC builds and apart from that you could even create a very small LAN party rig. Last but not least also the price is very interesting.

Cougar is rather new to the case business. Nevertheless the QBX Kaze appears to be a reasonably priced and solid mini-ITX case. A few months ago we have already reviewed the standard version which features a different exterior but very similar interior. Since this is a case for mini ITX motherboards the QBX Kaze is very compact yet it still supports an ATX power supply. Measuring 180 x 299 x 386 millimeters, there is enough space for high-end components like big graphics cards and all-in-one water cooling.

Storage wise there isn’t a lot of flexibility but one 3.5″ HDD and four 2.5″ SSDs can still be installed. The cooling side on the other hand is interesting. While most of the tiny mini-ITX cases of the same range are only compatible with low profile CPU coolers, the QBX Kaze can house a 240mm radiator or a CPU cooler with a maximum height of 105 millimeters. Furthermore you can install up to five 120 millimeters fans.