Corsair Carbide Air 740 Review

With the Carbide Air 740, Corsair has yet another cube case in its portfolio, while this is actually the successor of the Carbide Air 540, which was introduced almost three years ago. This new model is compatible only with ATX motherboards. Thanks to the generous size and the dual chamber layout, there is enough space for high-end custom water cooling gear. Furthermore since the power supply is placed behind the motherboard, it is quite simple create very clean and tidy setup.

Almost four years ago Corsair made a statement with the Carbide Air 540 case, which was their first cube-shaped enclosure. A little later later, Corsair introduced a more compact version, which went by the name Air 240. Another few years later the manufacturer is coming up with an even bigger case. Like the previous models, the new Carbide Air 740 is compatible with high-end components and apart from that it’s highly modular. Compared to the Air 540, we find a similar design and high-quality materials. Compared to its predecessor the case has grown and therefore there is more space available on the inside.

The Carbide Air 740 measures 426 x 340 x 510mm, while the Carbide Air 540 measured 415 x 332 x 458mm. The largest motherboards the predecessor could house were EATX models, however the Carbide Air 740 can only be equipped with only ATX motherboards. Also on the cooling side Corsair has changed a lot. The new Carbide Air 740 can be equipped with up to three 280mm radiators or even a 360mm one. In other words the new case is way more flexible in terms of cooling and on top of that there is space for more storage devices.