BitFenix Alchemy 2.0 Review

BitFenix is not only a case manufacturer. The company also sells fans and power supplies as well as a selection of modding products. Today we’re going to have a closer look at the Alchemy 2.0 cables, a new set of sleeved cables, which are compatible with a great amount of power supplies. Furthermore the Alchemy 2.0 cables are available in a few differents colors.

Alchemy is BitFenix’s premium modding brand. With Alchemy 2.0 BitFenix introduces a new version of their sleeved cables, which are compatible with a vast variety of modular power supplies. Unlike the first version those are not extension cables. The Alchemy 2.0 cables are directly compatible with all the different power supplies.

A quick look inside the package shows that all cables have been nicely packed in separate blisters bags and there are even cable combs in the delivery for your massive 24 pin cable.


Model number: BFX-ALC-CSRKR-RP
Color: Red / Black
Length 10+14Pin to 24Pin: 650 mm
Length 10+18Pin to 24Pin: 650 mm
Length 8Pin to CPU 4+4Pin: 650 mm (x2)
Length 8Pin to PCI-E 6+2Pin: 650 mm (x4)
Length 8Pin to Dual PCI-E 6+2Pin: 650 mm + 150 mm (x2)
Length 6Pin to SATA x 2: 450 mm + 150 mm (x2)
Length 6Pin to SATA x 4: 450 mm + 150 mm + 150 mm + 150 mm (x2)
Length 6Pin to Molex x 2: 450 mm + 150 mm (x2)
Length 6Pin to Molex x 3: 450 mm + 150 mm + 150 mm
Length Molex to Flopply 4 Pin extend cable: 100 mm



AXi Series: AX1500i, AX1200i, AX860i, AX760i
HXi Series: HX1200i, HX1000i, HX850i, HX750i
RMi Series: RM1000, RM850, RM750, RM650, RM550, RM450
RM Series: RM1000i, RM850i, RM750i, RM650i
RMx Series: RM1000x, RM850x, RM750x, RM650x, RM550x
CS-M Series: CS850M, CS750M, CS650M, CS550M
TX-M Series: TX850M, TX750M, TX650M, TX550M
CX-M Series: CX750M, CX600M, CX500M, CX430M












With ​​their Alchemy 2.0 BitFenix offers a new series of cable sleeves which are compatible with power supplies from most manufacturers. The quality is excellent and the cables are made of a high-density cloth structure, ensuring good flexibility and durability. Apart from that the kits are available in various colors. There are monochrome cables sets as well as others with different colors. We really like the fact, that BitFenix even ships spare cables and apart from that, having cables which are ready-for-use is much more comfortable than extensions. Especially because it allows for cleaner cable management. The cable ktis from BitFenix include no less than 18 different cables, which is quite a bit more than what you get from other vendors. In addition there are even five cable combs for your 24-pin cables that can be modded for obtain also 8-pin and 6-pin. Since the bundle is extensive, we would have expected to find a complete set of cable combs even for the CPU and graphics cards, but that is not the case.

Although this is a premium product, the price is still interesting; our set of BitFenix ​​Alchemy 2.0 cables is available on Geizhals at a price of 105 Euro.