be quiet! Dark Power Pro 11 1200W Review

With the Dark Power Pro 11 1200W BeQuiet offers a high end 1200W PSU, which achieves 80 Plus Platinum certification. Already at a first glance you can see a very high quality enclosure. Apart from that there is even a feature, specifically for overclocking, which allows to switch from multi rail to single rail.

Today be quiet! are launching three new high-end power supplies. In fact, the manufacturer is introducing a new series of units, which goes by the name Dark Pro 11. For now there are three different models, one with 850Watt, one with 1000Watt and another one with 1200Watt output power. The prices also reflects that these are top-of-the-range power supplies, since the 850Watt model sells at 255 Euro, the 1000Watt unit goes for 259 Euro and the 1200Watt model, which we’re reviewing here, sells for a whopping 289 Euro.