be quiet! Dark Base Pro 900 Review

With the Dark Base Pro 900, be quiet! has yet another case in its portfolio, while this is actually the successor of the Silent Base 800, which was introduced almost two years ago. This new flagship model is compatible with E-ATX motherboards and high-end custom water cooling gear. On top of that there is a lot of space for HDDs and SSDs.

Almost two years ago be quiet! made a statement with the Silent Base 800 case, which was their first full-tower enclosure. Now there is a new flagship case from the German manufacturer. It’s a big tower that is compatible with high-end components and apart from that it’s highly modular. Compared to the Silent Base 800, we find a similar, sleek design and high-quality materials. Since compared to its predecessor the case has grown, there is even more space available on the inside.

First of all the Dark Base Pro 900 measures 577 x 243 x 585mm at a net weight of 14Kg, while the Silent Base 800 measured 495 x 230 x 542mm with a net weight of almost 10Kg. The largest motherboards the predecessor could house were EATX models and the Silent Base 900 can even be equipped with XL-ATX form factor boards. Both models have been equipped with seven HDD sledges, yet the new one has space for no less than 15 SSDs or seven HDDs and one SSD. This is thanks to the fact that the sledges can now be equipped with two 2.5’’ drives..

Also on the cooling side be quiet! has changed a lot. While the Silent Base 800 was only compatible with mid-range water cooling components such as 280mm and 240mm radiators, the new Silent Base 900 full-tower can be equipped with up to two 360mm radiators or even a 420mm one. In other words the new Dark Base Pro 900 is way more flexible in terms of cooling and storage.