The WS-X99/IPMI is a high-end workstation motherboard from ASUS. The product name already tells you, that this board supports the IPMI, which is an essential feature set regarding workstation and server products, since it allows for full remote management. Apart from that you get a completely reworked layout and lots of other features on top.



After reviewing several of the latest Intel X99 Express based motherboards we’re now putting our hands on ASUS’s X99-WS/IPMI workstation motherboard. At a very first look we find the same color scheme, which you also get with ASUS’s classic series motherboards, but at this point the similarities already stop. ASUS did a lot of optimizations on this board to make it easier to use in a workstation environment. For example, the CPU socket and the DIMM slots have been rotated by 90 degress and there is an IPMI (Intelligent Platform Managment Interface) interface.