ASUS solves X99 Deluxe spontaneous reboot issue

Since it’s launch I’ve been using an ASUS X99 Deluxe motherboard and up until today, there was a rather strange issue. After cold booting the system it restarted when it’s been running for approximately 15 minutes. Yesterday I flashed to the latest BIOS version and finally the problem is gone.

Trying to solve the issue I changed all components in the rig, was it memory, graphics card, SSD or CPU, nothing helped. After countless discussions with Luca (ocaholic’s case and peripherals reviewer), who had a similar issue with his ASRock X99 Fatality as well as his Gigabyte X99M Gaming 5 mATX, where XMP was causing spontaneous reboots, I also started to play with the memory settings on the X99 Deluxe. Unfortunately this didn’t help either.

At the beginning of this year ASUS released new BIOS updates for the X99 Deluxe with the notice that they’ve increased system stability. A friend of mine who also runs his a X99 Deluxe in his main rig used to have boot up issues. His system didn’t want to start and got stuck with post code B0. After flashing the BIOS to the latest version those boot-up issues were history.

Bottom line it appears that ASUS finally did a great job taking care of these stability related issues. Unfortunately I don’t exactly know what they’ve done to fix those spontaneous reboots and boot-up issues. Nevertheless should have similar issues with your ASUS X99 Deluxe motherboard, then we recommend you to download and flash BIOS version 2101.

Did you have the same or similar issues with the X99 Deluxe? Please let us know in the comments.