ASUS Maximus VIII Extreme Assembly Review


The Maximus VIII Extreme Assembly, is ASUS’s new flagship overclocking and gaming motherboard regarding Intels latest Z170 chipset. Next to a never-ending feature list there is the new ROG design with black and orange color scheme like the GTX 980 Ti Platinum. Unlike the Extreme, the Extreme Assembly includes also a super-fast Ethernet card able to reach 10Gbps and a new Supreme HI-FI sound card. Meanwhile we’re curious to find out more about all the different components ASUS has put on this motherboard and how this beast performs.

The Maximus VIII Extreme Assembly is the latest high-end overclocking and gaming motherboard from ASUS. This particular board is actually new limited edition of the ASUS Maximus VIII Extreme, which has been released several months ago. The Maximus VIII Extreme Assembly uses a new black and orange color scheme very similar to the one used on the GeForce GTX 980 Ti Platinum Anniversary Edition. The main difference between the two models, in addition to the color scheme, are some features designed specifically for gamers. There is for example an additional 10 Gigabit network card called ROG 10G EXPRESS and an external 5.25″ slot SupremeFX audio HI-FI USB DAC / AMPLIFIER audio card.