ASRock X99 OC Formula Review

The X99 OC Formula is ASRock’s new high-end motherboard when it comes to overclocking Intel’s latest HEDT Haswell-E processors. But this board is not only interesting for overclockers. Gamers for example will enjoy the beefed up audio solution with decent headphone amp. What you also get with this board is ASRocks “Conformal Coating”, which basically makes it waterproof. Especially extreme overclockers do love this feature. Overall we’re really curious about this motherboard. ASRock has been investing quite some extra time in crafting the X99 OC Formula and now we really want to know what it can do.



The X99 OC Formula is ASRock’s latest and greatest high-end overclocking motherboard regarding Intels latest X99 chipset. Therefore we’re really curious what they’ve come up with from the layout and design as well as performance and features.