ArmA 3 – AMD & NVIDIA CPU & Memory Stock vs. OC Performance Scaling Skylake

On the following pages we’re going to have a close look at how ArmA 3 performs in combination with an overclocked Intel Core i7-6700K Skylake CPU as well as overclocked memory. We’re also going to show you the effect when both memory and CPU have been overclocked and that we do in combination with nine different, recent graphics cards and at three resolutions: 1080p, 1440p as well as 2160p at ultra settings.
We’ve already had a close look at GPU performance scaling in ArmA 3 earlier this week, and we promised a follow-up on CPU performance scaling. Initially we planned on coming up with one article that covers both topics, GPU and CPU performance scaling, but when putting the tables with all the results together we noticed that there were simply too many different test results to display them in an easy to digest way. Here we are then with our CPU performance sclaing analysis on ArmA 3, which bears some rather interesting results. We didn’t only test CPU overclocking we’ve also had a look at what happens to frame rates when bumping memory frequencies and therefore we’ve tested the following settings: CPU default, memory default; CPU at 4.8 GHz, memory default; CPU default, memory 3000 MHz; CPU at 4.8 GHz, memory at 3000 MHz.