AMD Ryzen 7 1800X at 5.8GHz

We have covered der8auer breaking world records in the past and apparently the German overclocker Roman Hartung did it again. This time he has pushed a new AMD new Ryzen 7 1800X CPU to 5.8 GHz using an ASUS CrossHair VI Hero motherboard and liquid nitrogen cooling. This overclock was achieved with a bus speed of 130 MHz and a multiplier of 44.5. Indirectly this confirms that AMD’s Ryzen CPUs can be overclocked via the bus frequency as well.

As we mentioned before, the system was based on an ASUS Crosshair VI motherboard and an AMD’s Ryzen 7 1800X CPU, which was pushed to 5.8 GHz with 1.97v. Aside of that there was 16GB of DDR4 memory set to work at DDR42400MHz using CL11 timings. Since AMD’s Ryzen CPUs have been available for less than 48h, we expect to see even even higher clock speeds from other overclockers soon. In addition the motherboard’s BIOS might be still not completely ready for extreme overclocking and during the upcoming weeks we will see several updates from manufacturers.

We want to underline that this is “only” a CPU frequency scores but still all cores and threads were enabled. We’re quite curious to see the real performances of this chip in benchmarks like wPrime or Cinebench. Furthermore with new BIOS updates and extensive tweaking, we hope to see some AMD Ryzen overclocking guide from Roman himself or other overclockers, which should help consumers achieve the best performance in combination with their CPUs. We congratulate Roman “der8auer” Hartung to this massive score.

A few days ago he posted a preview on his Facebook profile about delidding and tweaking AMD Ryzen. He really is the go-to-man when it comes to breaking world records and he’s proving exactly this again, with this score.