EK Water Blocks

EKWB releases new EK-RES X3 Lite reservoirs

26.11.2015: EK Water Blocks has expanded its X3 line of reservoirs adding two new Lite models aimed to be used with the recently announced XTOP Revo Dual D5 PWM pump top, as well as released the new EK-RES X3 250 which will now be available in white.


Steam Exploration Sale goes live

26.11.2015: Steam has launched its Exploration Sale, putting a lot of good and hot titles as well as whole franchises on sale.


Rainbow Six Siege open beta gets delayed

26.11.2015: Ubisoft had to delay the scheduled open beta for Rainbow Six Siege which should have started today due to issues on the PC, Xbox One and Playstation 4.

Raspberry Pi

New Raspberry Pi Zero available for US $5

26.11.2015: The Raspberry Pi Foundation has announced and launched its smallest and cheapest computer, the Raspberry Pi Zero. Despite its size, the Raspberry Pi Zero features the same CPU as the original Raspberry Pi as well as decent specifications for its price.


Samsung announces 128GB DDR4 RDIMMs for servers

26.11.2015: Samsung has announced the mass production of industry's first Through Silicon Via (TSV) 128GB DDR4 RDIMM modules aimed at enterprise and data center application.


Nvidia preparing GTX 960 Ti to counter R9 380X

26.11.2015: As expected, the latest report suggest that Nvidia is working on a GTX 960 Ti graphics card in order to counter AMD's recently launched Antigua based Radeon R9 380X graphics card.


Intel C232 chipset desktop motherboards spotted

26.11.2015: Since Intel has made sure that the Xeon E3-1200 v5 CPU is not supported by standard desktop chipsets, by allowing only to work on select chipsets, it appears that motherboard makers, like ASUS and Gigabyte, decided to launch desktop motherboards based on C232 chipset.


Rig of the Day - Tristellar Whetstone

26.11.2015: Even today we share a very interesting configuration with excellent components and an efficient cooling system. Below you will find some pictures but we suggest you to visit our Facebook page for more details and also the thread in the modding section to see all shared RoDs until today.


Phanteks unveils a unique power splitter

25.11.2015: Phanteks has unveiled a new and unique power splitter which features patented Isolated Dual System Technology, which allow users to run two fully functional systems from a single power supply unit, the Phanteks PH-PWSRP-1P2M.


ASUS unveils 20th Anniversary Gold Edition GTX 980 Ti

25.11.2015: ASUS has announced its newest version of the GTX 980 Ti graphics card, this time as a part of its 20th Anniversary Gold Edition series, which promises to be the fastest GTX 980 Ti on the planet, even without liquid cooling.


Club 3D shows new DisplayPort to HDMI active adapters

25.11.2015: Club 3D has announced its new DisplayPort 1.2 to HDMI 2.0 active adapters that will feature support for 4K/UHD resolution at 60Hz.


MSI working with Thermaltake for Z170 Gaming M5 block

25.11.2015: MSI is working with Thermaltake on a new liquid cooling block for its Z170A Gaming M5 motherboard, the Pacific M3. This will be an all-in-one liquid cooling block, covering both the CPU and the VRM part of the motherboard.


AMD releases Radeon Software Crimson Edition driver

25.11.2015: Teased earlier, AMD has now officially released its new and redesigned AMD Radeon Software Crimson Edition drivers which promises twelve new or enhanced features, up to 20 percent more graphics performance, better functionality and a completely new look.


Google Nexus 6P now available in Europe

25.11.2015: Although it officially went up for sale in October, the Huawei-made Google Nexus 6P has finally become available in European Google Play Store.


Rig of the Day - In Win S-Frame

25.11.2015: Even today we share a very interesting configuration with excellent components and an efficient cooling system. Below you will find some pictures but we suggest you to visit our Facebook page for more details and also the thread in the modding section to see all shared RoDs until today.


AMD retires all pre-GCN GPU-based graphics cards

25.11.2015: AMD has decided to retire all the GPUs that are not based on Graphics Core Next architecture, which basically means that Radeon HD 5000 and HD 6000 are now moved to legacy status and will no longer get any driver support.


ASUS Maximus VIII Extreme/Assembly with 10G Ethernet

24.11.2015: In addition to what was the most expensive Intel Z170 Express chipset motherboard, the Maximus VIII Extreme, ASUS has launched yet another version of that same motherboard which will feature a different color scheme as well as comes bundled with front panel audio DAC and 10G Ethernet card, the Maximus VIII Extreme/Assembly.

Roberts Space Industries

Custom Star Citizen HOTAS controller coming next month

24.11.2015: Roberts Space Industries, a developer behind the crowd funded Star Citizen game, has already announced its close cooperation with Saitek for a custom HOTAS controller and it appears that it should go on sale as of next month, with a price of US $350.

Square Enix

Square Enix updates Just Cause 3 PC requirements

24.11.2015: Just Cause 3 is scheduled to launch on December 1st for PC, Xbox One and Playstation 4 and Square Enix has decided to update the PC hardware requirements which happen to be a bit different than the one seen on the leaked box back cover.


SanDisk Ultra II 960GB selling for just US $200

24.11.2015: It appears that we will see some rather sweet SDD deals during this holiday season, at least judging from the latest one which includes Sandisk Ultra II 960GB SSD for as low as US $200.

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