Toshiba OCZ TR 200 960 Gigabyte Review

Published by Marc Büchel on 11.10.17
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With the Toshiba TR200, Toshiba launched the sucessor of the Trion 150, which again features aggressive pricing. On the other hand the pricing also reflects in the performance to a certain extent, althought the 960 Gigabyte model we've tested here is definitely no slow drive. We like the fact that Toshiba bundles this drives a very reasonable 3-year pick-up and return warranty plan.

Having a look at the performance number shows that in sequential write and read the Toshiba TR200 is capable of pushing 536 MB/s over the bus while sequentially writing and 534 MB/s sequentially reading. In terms of random 4k performance this is also not slow drive, performing at 86'000 IOPS for 4k random write and 77'900 IOPS in random read. Overall performance is on a competitive level regarding the entry level price bracket.

Last but not least this leaves us talking about the price. The 960 Gigabyte version we've tested here features an MSRP of €269, which translates into €0.28 per Gigabyte. Compared to the current competition this is definitely competitive. Considering the good warranty plan, this is an attractively priced drive, which is worth having a look at.


Should you be looking for an aggressively priced 960 Gigabyte SSD, the TR200 can definitely be considered.

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