In Win 301 Review

Published by Luca Rocchi on 16.05.17
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  Cooling Features Layout Build Quality Value for Money
Pros + Good compatibility for watercooling + 2x 240mm + Water cooling
+ Dust filters + Tempered glass
+ Design
  + Good build quality
+ Price
Cons - Not compabitle with 140mm fans


- Interior space


With the 301, In Win offers a new mini-tower case, which is compatible with high-end components and water cooling gear. Due to the size of the case there isn't much space available. For example there are only 120mm fan slots. Cooling wise you can install up to two 240mm radiators or five 120mm fans. If you prefer CPU tower coolers, they can measure up to 158 millimeter in height. In other words there is enough room for a mid-range tower or down-draft cooler.

The overall build quality is good, despite this case it's not made from aluminum like most other models from this company. Luckily this brings the advantage, that this case is actually affordable. The right side panel is fairly solid but could be a bit sturdier and for the left side panel In Win is using great looking tempered glass. Unfortunately we did not like the release mechanism. Although there is a quick release through a handle at the top you have to be very careful ensuring that while taking off the glass panel it's not falling of the bottom notch.

Arranging components can require some planning and one should not just slap the components inside, since in that case you might be finding yourself building your rig several times if you want it to look clean. Compared to the previous model, which is compatible with ATX motherboards (In Win 303), the cable management is much better and the PSU cover is contributing a lot to that.

Overall this case is a big step in the right direction. On one hand we really like the looks but on the other there are still few little compromises due to design choices. We believe that a few small changes could easily make this case a solid choice. Checking prices we find the In Win 301 available for 75 Euro, which is an attractive for a case with these looks and a left side panel made from tempered glass. The In Win 301 receives 4 out of 5 stars.

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