Cooler Master MasterCase Pro 3 Review

Published by Luca Rocchi on 19.01.17
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With the MasterCase 3 Pro, Cooler Master offers a mid-tower case designed for those who plan on installing a custom watercooling loop or want quite a bit more space on the inside, than what's average. The case is compatible with high-end components such as large tower coolers and high-end garphics cards. Nevertheless the MasterCase 3 is basically a downsized version of the MasterCase 5 Pro that we reviewed a few months ago.

On the inside there is quite a lot of space at your disposal, especially if you consider this is a small mid-tower that is compatible with mATX motherboards. If you wish to do so, there it's pretty simple to just go a ahead and put any dual radiator in the front. Apart from that it's much appreciated that the entire installation process can happen tool-free and therefore removing the front panel to access the dust filter for instance is as simple as it can be. Even the cable management is very well done. There are plenty of grommets and the delivery includes a number of Velcro straps. One of the key aspects of this case it's the very good compatibility with custom liquid cooled setups since it allows the installation of one 280mm and one 240mm radiator.

The price of MasterCase 3 Pro is 134 euro on Geizhals. If you want to customize your Cooler Master to a certain extent you can head over to their own store and check for accessories, such as hard drive cages, side panels with windows and so on. The overall bundle is good and it includes two 140 mm fans, which is definitely a reasonable decision. The MasterCase 3 Pro earns 5 out of 5 stars.

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