Fritz!Box 7590 Review

Published by Marc Büchel on 26.09.17
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The Fritz!Box 7590 is a versatile product, which can be used as a router in any kind of home network. Regarding its basic functionality (DHCP, Firewall and Port Forwarding) it's simple and quick to setup and apart from that we appreciated the monitoring and surveillance features. Apparently this router can be used in combination with DSL, cable and Fibre-To-The-home internet connections.

If you're planning on adding the Fritz!Box 7590 to a network topology which is more complex than your usual home network, we would have loved to find the possibility to switch to an expert mode before the setup assisstent starts. Compared to the predecessor, the Fritz!Box 7490, all ethernet interfaces are set to 1 Gbit bandwidth right after the setup. In the case of the predecessor the LAN interfaces were first set to 100 Mbps and in order to achieve 1 Gbit this had to be changed manually after the setup process. What we also like to see is that the network throughput in the case of a connected and shared USB stick is much better than with the predecessor, the Fritz!Box 7490. On another note we were really impressed by the included DECT system. The fact, that you can basically run your own switchboard is a great feature and it helps to effectively block spam calls from call centers.

As we already mention the Fritz!Box 7590 is one versatile router and suitable for any kind of home network. The Fritz!Box 7590 is the right product for all those who don't have a network background but want to manage things that are bit out of the ordinary - but not more. An since this is actually what AVM intended with the Firtz!Box they've done a good job with this particular product. Checking prices we find the Fritz!Box 7590 listed over at Geizhals for EUR 266.-, which is pretty much in-line with the competition. Overall the Fritz!Box 7590 earns good four out of five Stars.

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