Cooler Master MasterCase Pro 3 Review

Published by Luca Rocchi on 19.01.17
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Dust filters

There are washable dust filters covering all big openings of the MasterCase 3 Pro. Thanks to a quick release system they are very easy and convenient to remove.

Well-thought cable managment

On the MasterCase 3 Pro, Cooler Master used rubber grommets through which cables can be routed from one side to the other. The grommets fit very tight and they don't come off easily, like it's the case with so many other enclosures. Also in the delivery there are velcro straps right behind the motherboard tray.

FreeForm Modular System

The FreeForm Modular System allows you to install and change new parts inside and outside the case in order to match your needs. Due to this modular system, you can also change the amount of disk and fan installed inside the case.

Watercooling ready

The MasterCase 3 Pro is also ready for water cooling gear. If you wish to install a custom loop, there is the possibility to equip this case with up to three radiators. Two of them can measure 240mm in lenght and the third one could be a 140mm model.

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