MSI Z270 Gaming M5 Preview

Published by Luca Rocchi on 03.01.17
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Military Class 5 Components

Since years MSI has been using digital power designs. On this board we find the latest implementation of their Military Class Components, which is meanwhile in its fifth generation. This board comes equiped with Hi-c Caps, Titanium Chokes and Dark CAPs for high stability, durability and efficiency.

MSI Steel Armor

There are two full-sized PCIe slots on this particular board, which have been equipped with a steel frame. If you place a large and heavy gaming graphics card, while the board is mounted in a case, you will notice, that over time the slots starts to bend by a little bit. Furthermore, when carrying or shipping a system it can happen, that the PCIe slot breaks by the sheer force, when somebody is not dealing carefully with an assembled system. In both cases the steel armor should help increasing protection of the PCIe slots.

Mystic Light Sync

With Mystic Light Sync you can create your own color scheme using the full RGB palette of colors as well as different lighting effects. With this feature you can control and also syncronize RGB LEDs from other components such as CPU coolers, graphics cards or even case lighting. Manging this feature happens from within Windows thanks to the MSI Gaming App.

Audio Boost 4

MSI equips this motherboard with an improved audio solution which includes a Realtek ALC1220 audio codec and dual headphone amplifier. At the I/O shield we find gold-plated audio jacks which help in improving the signal quality. Furthermore there are high quality capacitors from nichicon and audio implementation has been separated from the rest of the PCB. Last but not least there is even a special USB port, to which best to connect a DAC, thanks to cleaner and more stable voltage supply.

Killer Ethernet

It is rather obvious that MSI is not only optimizing this board for overclocking but for gaming as well. Next to the beefed up audio solution there is the Killer Ethernet chip, which gives gamers additional control over a variety of network settings, which in the end can help reduce latency if your internet connection should even be under full load.

M.2 Support

The Z270 Gaming M5 motherboard from MSI features two M.2 slots which are placed between the PCIe slots. This motherboard can be equipped with one 2280 M.2 and one 22110 M.2 SSDs, where the figures behind the "22" stand for the actual length of the M.2 SSD in millimeter. Both slots are connected via four PCIe x4 lanes, offering up to 32 Gbps bandwidth. The bottom slot features a MSI M.2 Shield which also acts as a heatsink in order to prevent any throttling issues.

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