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Published by Marc Büchel on 05.09.16

MIFCOM is the only system integrator and NVIDIA partner for Switzerland, Germany and Austria building systems with NVIDIA's latest and greatest Titan X (Pascal) graphics card. Since we're quite into high-end gaming hardware here at ocaholic we're going to show you around those systems and we'll give you a preview on how powerful those rigs are. On top of that all MIFCOM Blackbox systems can be custom configured.
 MIFCOM differentiates between two different systems with NVIDIA Titan X Pascal graphics card. There is their so called "Alpha" (Single-GPU) and their "Mainframe" (SLI / Dual-GPU) system. Both configurations can be individualized using MIFCOMs extensive configurator.


MIFCOM Blackbox Titan X Alpha

MIFCOM Blackbox Titan X Mainframe

CPU i7-6800K, 6 x 3.4 GHz i7-6850K, 6 x 3.6 GHz
Motherboard ASUS X99-A II ASUS X99-E WS
RAM 16GB DDR4-2400, Corsiar LPX 32GB DDR4-2666, Corsair LPX
SSD Samsung 950 Pro 256 GB Samsung 950 Pro 512 GB
HDD 2 TB WD Caviar Black 4 TB WD Caviar Black
Case be quiet! Dark Basae 900 Black Corsair Carbide Air 540 Window
PSU be quiet! Straight Power E10 CM 600W Corsair RMx Series 1000W
€€€ €3'399.- €5'999.-

MIFCOM Blackbox Titan X Alpha

Even MIFCOMs Blackbox Titan X Alpha features impressive specifications. There is for example an Intel Core i7-6800K processor, which is based on the latest Broadwell-E architecture. This CPU features six cores and thanks to Hyperthreading there are 12 Threads available. Apart from that the processors sits on an ASUS X99-A II motherboard next to 16 Gigabyte Corsair Vengeance LPX DDR4-2400 memory. Since nobody likes waiting for applications to load, there is a Samsung 950 Pro M.2 SSD with 256 Gigabyte of capacity. This little beast is capable of easily surpassing the 2 Gigabyte per second performance barrier. But apparently we've been saving the best, the exclusive NVIDIA Titan X graphics card, for the end. As of today this is simply the fastet single GPU pixel accelerator avialable. Nevertheless, this has been enough text, now we're going to have a look at what story games and benchmarks are going to tell.

MIFCOM Blackbox Titan X Mainframe

Compared to MIFCOMs Blackbox Titan X Alpha, the Blackbox Titan X Mainframe ships with an Intel Core i7-6850K processor. This CPU features 40 Lanes, which is 12 more than what you get with the i7-6800K. These 12 additional Lanes are actually neccessary in order to support SLI configurations. There is also a ASUS X99-E WS motherboard, 32 Gigabyte of Corsair Vengeance LPX DDR4-2666 memory and a larger 512 Gigabyte Samsung 950 Pro SSD.
At this point enough has been said, lets now have a look at performance.

Performance - CPU


Blackbox Titan X Alpha - i7-6800K

Blackbox Titan X Mainframe - i7-6850K

PCMark 08 - Creative Suite 5'598 Points 5'608 Points
Handbreak h.264 Encoding 19.06 fps 21.14 fps
Handbreak h.265 Encoding 12.02 fps 13.30 fps
Fire Strike Physix 15'612 Points 15'025 Points
3DMark 11 Physix 11'788 Points 12'447 Points
SiSoft Sandra Arithmetik Dhrystone 176.78 GFLOPS 192.43 GFLOPS
SiSoft Sandra Arithmetik Whetstone 146.87 GFLOPS 161.91 GFLOPS
SiSoft Sandra Multimedia Integer 574.36 MPixel/sec 644.00 MPixel/sec
SiSoft Sandra Multimedia Floating Point 525.64 MPixel/sec 589.71 MPixel/sec
SiSoft Sandra Crypto AES 19.6 GB/sec 19.63 GB/sec
SiSoft Sandra Crypto SHA 7.00 GB/sec 7.51 GB/sec
Blackhole Single Thread 3'128 Points 3'328 Points
Blackhole 4 Thread 3'688 Points 4'244 Points
Blackhole Multithraed 10'440 Points 11'352 Points
Blackhole Total 17'256 Points 18'924 Points
7 Zip 31'111 MIPS 34'034 MIPS
WinRAR 16'062 KByte/sec 16'655 KByte/sec
Cinebench R15 1'091 Points 1'242 Points
Frybench 191 sec 178 sec
Photoshop 12.1 sec 11.2 sec
Excel 395 sec 371 sec

Performance - GPU


Blackbox Titan X Alpha - i7-6800K

Blackbox Titan X Mainframe - i7-6850K

3DMark Time Spy DX12 (GPU Score) 8'942 13'180
  Fire Strike Extreme Ultra Fire Strike Extreme Ultra
3DMark Fire Strike / Extreme / UItra (GPU Score) 28'567 13'575 6'602 40'535 24'076 12'472
3DMark VR Mark 179.67 fps 175.13
SteamVR 11.00 Points 11.00
  1080p (FHD) 1440p 2160p (UHD) 1080p (FHD) 1440p 2160p (UHD)
ArmA 3 48.00 fps 40.00 fps 39.00 fps 48.00 fps 40.00 fps 39.00 fps
Ashes of the Singularity DX11 62.90 fps 61.80 fps 56.60 fps 63.80 fps 62.40 fps 57.00 fps
Ashes of the Singularity DX12 77.90 fps 75.50 fps 59.70 fps 79.50 fps 76.60 fps 60.40 fps
Doom OpenGL 4.5 132.91 fps 123.45 fps 77.68 fps 142.88 fps 138.49 fps 88.91 fps
Far Cry Primal 120.00 fps 97.00 fps 54.00 fps 128.00 fps 99.00 fps 82.00 fps
GTA V 112.00 fps 71.23 fps 35.63 fps 131.20 fps 120.44 fps 64.30 fps
Rainbow Six Siege 158.60 fps 102.00 fps 50.60 fps 190.70 fps 115.60 fps 58.90 fps
Total War Warhammer DX11 155.40 fps 123.20 fps 70.70 fps 165.50 fps 144.30 fps 104.30 fps
Total War Warhammer DX12 113.00 fps 107.10 fps 64.80 fps 120.40 fps 115.50 fps 69.30 fps
XCOM 2 80.30 fps 58.13 fps 33.16 fps 88.83 fps 81.70 fps 54.28 fps

Apparently both MIFCOM Blackbox Titan X systems are very powerful and especially in the graphics department these systems are highly capable. If you're looking for a PC with NVIDIA Titan X graphics card, then there is almost no way past MIFCOMs Blackbox Alpha or Mainframe systems. Furthermore there is even the possibility to individualize those base systems thanks to an extensive configurator. Using MIFCOMs configurator you can completely customize the Blackbox by changing everything from the CPU, to the memory, lighting or even service.

Talking about service we'd like to mention that be default all MIFCOM system are backed up by a three year warranty, which can be extended to five years. The service package includes a clean installation without any bloatware, a complete backup on a separate partition, a simple Pick-up & Return shipment if necessary as well as remote support by the companies own technicians. There is also a technical support which a customer can call at any time and it's in no way linked to your warranty plan. That means MIFCOM will also take your call if your warranty plan has expired.

Should you be interested in one of MIFCOMs Blackbox Systems or do you want to toy around with their configurator, please find the links to the two different base configurations right below, which will also directly lead you to the configurator.

Blackbox Titan X Alpha Titan X

Blackbox Titan X Mainframe Titan X SLI

€3'339.- / ca. CHF 3'599.- €5'999.- / ca. CHF 6'499.-

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