Chieftec A135 Series APS-850CB Review

Published by Marc Büchel on 27.10.14
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With the A135 Series APS-850CB Chieftec has a mid-range power supply in its portfolio which offers 850 Watt output power. When looking for an 80Plus certificate we find a Bronze sticker on this unit. Since Chieftec doesn't own their own PSU factory, their using an OEM platform from High Power for this particular model. As usual we're curious to find out what this 93 Euro PSU is capable of.

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On the following pages we will have a close look at the Chieftec APS-850CB power supply and show you what it can do.

Page 1 - Introduction
Page 2 - Preview
Page 3 - Delivery / Specs
Page 4 - A Look Inside
Page 5 - Result Analysis and Discussion
Page 6 - Conclusion

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