Soon available

MSI has expanded its monitor lineup with another model, featuring a 32-inch VA panel with 2560 x 1440 WQHD resolution. The grey-to-grey response time is 1ms and the refresh rate is 144Hz. Apart from that this monitor packs AMD FreeSync support.

They will be not available in USA and Europe

A few weeks ago, ASRock has finally announced its Phantom Gaming graphics cards lineup. The lineup includes four models and all the cards are based on GPUs from AMD's Radeon RX 500 series. Although we were supposed to see this GPUs during this month, AMD is banning this series from the market.

It is over already

During the last weeks we have talk about the GeForce Partner Program and all the rumors that it has created. Well it doesn't matter anymore since NVIDIA has killed the program. The company put up a blog post today that says that NVIDIA has decided to cancel the program.

With built-in wireless charger

A few months ago, In Win has shown a concept of a mini-ITX case. Now the company is ready to unveil a new compact mini-ITX chassis that features a built-in wireless charger spot and a pre-installed PSU with pre-routed cables.

Only $49 USD

If you are looking for a mid-tower case which is compatible with high-end graphics cards, ATX motherboards as well as extensive watercooling setup, Corsair's SPEC-05 enclosure might be just what you've been looking for.

Reset loop fixed

The previous set of drivers have been released last week and it had few bugs in them. NVIDIA has released a hotfix (397.55) to address the issues. Since this drivers went through a reduced QA process, if you haven't any issue with GeForce 397.31 driver we suggest to not update them.

With four Samsung 960PRO 1TB in RAID0

A few months ago, ASUS released its Hyper M.2 x16 PCIe add-in-card which is a daughter-board that can be equipped with four M.2 SSDs. This is a VROC (Virtual RAID on CPU) card and it can be used in VROC modes on compatible motherboards.

AMD Z490 and Intel Z390 chipsets

A big treasure of information just appeared on Bluechip's (a German PC OEM) website. During a webinar, the German PC OEM has shown several slides about upcoming Intel and AMD chipsets. According to the pictures, AMD should release a Z490 chipset and Intel will add Z390 chipset as well.

Compatible with Windows 10 April 2018

The Windows update is official out and it doesn't bring huge changes from the previous version, so your old Radeon driver might still work. However with the Radeon Software 18.4.1, AMD improves performance once again.

Designed from the ground

Noctua released a new 120mm fan called NF-A12x25. It has been designed from the ground in order to deliver the best performance in terms of high-pressure and high-flow applications. Like you can imagine, the NF-A12x25 fan it's the new flagship model.

After barely one year

With the X299 platform, Intel has released two series of CPUs and one of them is already discontinued. Kaby Lake-X consisted of two four-core processors, the Core i5-7640X and the Core i7-7740X, that were the cheapest models compatible with X299.

With different design compared to the previous gen

Almost one year ago, Intel has shown the Optane 900P SSDs which was limited to 480GB capacity. Now, almost one year later, the company has released a new version which feature a different design and it come in a new 960GB capacity. With the 905P, Intel has improved the design too adding a blue LED illumination.

10% of sales go to charity

NZXT released a special edition of its H700i mid-tower chassis. The H700 PUBG is colored with blue and red color scheme like the air-drop crate from PlayerUknown's Battlegrounds. NZXT partnered with Gamer's Outreach and 10% of H700 PUGB sales will go to the charity.

With infrared sensors

During the PAX 2018, Kingston has shown a plethora of gaming products, including HyperX headsets and peripherals. Furthermore, the company has unveiled in a shadowy open chassis a pair of RGB LED memory modules with HyperX logo. The company said that kits would start hitting shelves in the second quarter of this year, however they look already available on Amazon.

With aggressive design

At CES 2018, Cooler Master presented several new mid-tower cases in order to expand their lineup. Almost a five months later, the manufacturer is going to launch a new model which goes by the name MasterBox K500L. It looks like this case has received a rather aggressive design, with edgy shape as well as a modern interior layout.

With built-in liquid cooling

Deepcool has announced the launch for its New Ark 90 Electro Limited Edition Case. The company is only manufacturing 100 pieces of the variant, which feature a racy orange color. With the New Ark 90, Deepcool offers a ultra-wide chassis with tempered glass panels on three sides and a built-in 280mm all-in-one water cooler.

As fast as GTX 1080

AMD's RX Vega 20 GPU has been spotted in the Futuremark database, showcasing performance that is similar to NVIDIA's GeForce GTX 1080, which would mean that the upcoming AMD flagship graphics card won't be capable of competing with NVIDIA's absolute high-end models. The card is clearly an engineering sample running on early drivers and we expect to see more performance soon.

Hit Kickstarter goal in one day

A few days ago, Drevo has published a new Kickstart project regarding two upcoming mechanical keyboards. The funding goal of 20'000$ has been reached in less than 24 hours which is rather impressive.

Three Threadripper processors as well

Videocardz has come across an interesting document on the AMD official site. The document, that is still online, unveils several SKU codes for all active and pending processors. According to the table, we might see soon more Zen+ Ryzen processors as well as more Threadripper CPUs.

Compatible with AMD Ryzen

A few days ago, Thermalright has announced an upcoming CPU cooler. With the ARO-M14 CPU cooler, the company features a single fin-stack tower design. According to Thermalright, the ARO-M14 cooler can deliver good performance supporting CPU up to 240W TDP. The cooler comes with one 140mm PWM fan.
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