ASUS X99 Deluxe II Review

With the X99 Deluxe II, ASUS has one of the most interesting boards for Intels latest Broadwell-E processors. A quick look around the PCB reveals there are two U.2 ports as well as an M.2 x4 SSD slot, improved lighting and the new Aura header to direclty connect LED strips to the motherboard. At this point we’re already really curious to find out what this board is capable of.

It’s anything but hard to guess that the X99 Deluxe II is the successor of the X99 Deluxe. While the X99 Deluxe was launched alongside Intels Haswell-E CPUs the X99 Deluxe II was released when Broadwell-E bacame available. Compared to the predecessor ASUS went and updated their entire X99 family and in all cases they’ve added a few new features and changed the set of connectors.